Oral Sedation Dentistry

Always offering the best service, we pride ourselves on being able to make each patient feel comfortable and empowered coming to our office. While Dr. Jacob Brown and the staff here at Oak Street Dental are able to create a positive and comforting atmosphere, there are times when sedation can be beneficial for a certain procedure.

Oral sedation dentistry is popular in dentistry because it is injection free, meaning less anxiety and less pain. Delivered in one of two forms based on the patient and the procedure, sedatives can be an advantage by alleviating anxiety with very few side effects, which means we can do more for you while it seems like the procedure is taking less time. No needles, no pain and perfectly safe.

Our two forms of sedation dentistry include:

  • Nitrous Oxide: Otherwise known as “laughing gas,” it is mild, delivered via nose hood and the patient breathes it throughout the procedure. Making the patient more relaxed and reducing pain, this is a form of sedative that has been used for decades.
  • Oral Conscious: We often recommend this for those patients who want a form of sedation but are afraid of needles. It is moderate and taken before the procedure, and although it doesn’t induce sleep, it helps the patient relax, and usually the patient cannot remember the pain, smells or noises that occurred during the procedure.

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